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Thread: Moab Monday

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    Thanks Mackey and David. I am just sharing the pics that the guys on the trip are taking, but I will pass along the props to them. This pic is by Ryan Weaverling (who had the sector break) he has a fancy hdr camera and also took this pic of me a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crippledpetey View Post
    So you're saying if I make it past day 1 I'm good
    It always makes it past day one, it might not be as pretty on day two but it always keeps going back for more
    "The day I grow up is the day I die"

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    A shot just before going down Whipeout Hill
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwmgcs View Post
    It always makes it past day one, it might not be as pretty on day two but it always keeps going back for more
    Hahahaha it's always pretty
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    its great to see those images guys keep it up looking forward for more images

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    Moab Monday!


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    Is there a 7OR moab trip next year?

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    Me toooooo

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    ...wanna get there too!

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