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    Big success tonight! I temporarily hooked up the controller and built the battery pack. I want it to be 14s7p but a few of the cells were dead, so I made a 14s6p pack for now. With me sitting on the bike and using my feet to keep it from going forward, it will do a front wheel burn out. And without pedaling it will pull the bike forward. This is what I was wanting, but was worried I had too much weight, so Huge success! This is going to be a fun bike to ride!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by pvanweelden View Post
    Torque monster!
    "Do you even wheel bro? only if its with a Yeti "

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    Lol, thanks Brendon!

    Guessing top speed will be 25-30 mph. I know if I had 4" tires front and rear it would be 35-40 mph, but I wanted a fat back tire. I want it to look like a motorcycle, but without a motor.
    I cut some pieces out tonight.
    I have been riding it alot this week, even tho the frame is only tack welded lol. I took it out last night on a major street after a few beers, and no lights on it lol. It was fun I ran at least 25 mph. I still haven't charged the batteries lol.
    Putting the batteries down low instead of in the "gas tank"
    Controller will go in the "gas tank"

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    Finally got the rest of my battery cells, so I completed the pack. 14 series 8 parallel = 52v @ 20 ah for the motor and 4 series 3 parallel for the lights. 20190405_205148.jpeg20190405_210204.jpeg20190405_210359.jpeg

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    A little more progress. Wires ran thru rear tube. Gas tank pieces tacked on20190421_003519.jpeg20190421_174444.jpeg

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    Did some diamond tube rolling for the next project. And took some pics of some of my creations 20190427_172800.jpeg20190427_224854.jpeg20190428_005750.jpeg20190428_010123.jpeg

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    That's pretty sick! Good job! I may have missed it, but what are you using to charge it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TacticalTankJKUR View Post
    That's pretty sick! Good job! I may have missed it, but what are you using to charge it?
    Thank you! I don't think I have discussed the charging- I have 2 battery circuits - 1 52v 20a and 14.8v 7.5a for lights. I have a battery management system on each circuit to control the charge/discharge and then I have a 52v charger and a 14v charger. It will take 6 hours to charge the motor circuit and 3 hours to charge the light circuit

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