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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzard005 View Post
    thanks all... this weekend we are looking to do something, its F's birthday weekend... We need a trail to hit for the day! anyone not doing anything?
    Possibly! Where ya thinkin?

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    We are thinking strawberry Pass , or Deer Valley off of HWY 50. We are looking to shoot video. Allot of people want us to take our rubicon to the rubicon for the day trip. But we are not going to do that solo

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    Welcome wave from NorCal Rocklin!
    "Do you even wheel bro? only if its with a Yeti "

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    Welcome! where from in Hawaii? I used to live in Waikoloa on the Big Island.

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    thanks for the welcomes..... We used to live on Kauai..... Strawberry Pass was snowed in :/. Cant belive I said that in middle of July LOL.... Anyways, we ended up going to the Rubicon for the day, went in a little past Gatekeeper, no problems at all.....

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    Little past Gate Keeper which is gone now......O just go further that's where the fun begins!

    See ya on the trail someday.

    Going to the Jamboree?
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    couldn't get tickets or we would have gone...

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    Anyone up running HellHole next week? I have always driven past it, always wondered about it... I want to stop wondering! If no one is free, is it hard? or no big deal with 37's ? Also is it worth camping?

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    Welcome to 7OR...Hell Hole is not super challenging. One way in and one way out with no room to pass. Should take about 45min to an hour to get to the bottom (but I wheel slowish anyway). I ran it 4 years ago when the water was super low. Beach has some great rocks to play around on, again depending on the water levels. 37’s is more than enough to conquer it. What day are you thinking?

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    Thank you for the info, We don't have normal jobs, so anytime during the week or maybe next weekend......

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