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    Hello Everyone, we are Fel n Kel

    Hey all,

    We met some of you on the trail over the weekend so we wanted to stop by and say hey to the rest of you!

    Our Current Rig is a 2020 JT Rubicon, 4" Lift with 37's... (I would have attached it here but it wont allow me to upload a picture)

    We just moved back from Hawaii last month, here is a video of our story:

    We look forward wheeling with you guys!

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    Oct 2015
    Welcome to 7OR!!

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    Sorry I missed you on the trail last week and welcome to 7OR

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    Greetings from Oakley, CA. I had to leave the trail early. Hope to meet you on the trail soon. Congrats on the new JT.

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    Mar 2016
    It was nice meeting you guys!! It’s exciting to see the JT hit the trails!!

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    thanks all... this weekend we are looking to do something, its F's birthday weekend... We need a trail to hit for the day! anyone not doing anything?

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    Welcome aboard!

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    thank you all...

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