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    Hmmm.. Interesting. 4.88's with 40's. Not what I expected.

    So.. I switched from 37's to 40's two months ago and I was thinking I would also have to change the gear ratio. But after running the 4.88's for a couple months and about 2500 mi, I really like it. IMO it drives better than the 37's. It's actually getting the same if not better mileage too which I wasn't expecting. It seems these 40's put the cruise RPM in the meat of the torque band at 75mph. For those of you that live in the east bay, it accelerates up willow pass now without downshifting. I can hit the bottom of the hill at 75 and be at 77 at the top by rolling into the throttle no downshift. Ya it doesn't sound like much but hey, It's a slow ass Jeep. LOL. Just thought I'd share my experience. By the way the Milestar Patagonia 40's measure 39 5/8" mounted. The 38's are 37 1/4" mounted. They are quiet and work really well too.

    Check this out.... Go to type in this number for a great price on 38's:


    or this one for 40's:


    When I bought the 40's they were only $220 each, and when my buddy bought the 38's they were $169 each, they keep going up in price. Tri Valley Rock Knockers

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    We run 4.88 and 40's on our 4 door. Coincidentally we live in the East Bay too. Like you described, it really isn't bad at all. I haven't tried it with a numerically higher ratio to compare but i don't plan on changing anytime soon.

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    Right on, Since I've only got 44's I also like the tiny bit of added strength versus 5.13 or 5.38. What part of the east bay are you in? I'm In Oakley. Tri Valley Rock Knockers

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    Quote Originally Posted by WINspeed View Post
    Right on, Since I've only got 44's I also like the tiny bit of added strength versus 5.13 or 5.38. What part of the east bay are you in? I'm In Oakley.
    Oakley as well. We drive the blue 2dr in my avatar daily. The red 4 door sits in the garage mostly.

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    #butthatsa3.6,ihavea3.8. Still trying to figure out if I want to go with 5:38 for 37’s. 35’s with 5:13’s is decent if you rev the snot out of the motor
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    My vote with 40's is 5.38's especially if a heavy 4 door. Even using them for my LS build.
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