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    May 2018 - Ryan - Ryan

    @ryan its been fun wheeling with you even its only a couple times. I love how you're always up for trying things and not shying away even from the bigger obstacles. I look forward to wheeling with ya more and if you ever want to spot for me just let me know. I will help you however I can and if something goes badly I wont care

    PS: I also added a pic of my own to your it a memento

    Where do I live? San Francisco, via Canada

    What do I do for a living? I am currently leading a global network and systems engineering team that powers a lot of the websites and internet services you are likely familiar with. If you are genuinely curious, head over to and ask me questions some time. Jason, the whole CDN 4X4 plate might make even more sense now, pulling double duty ;-)

    A little about my family. Mom and Dad are back home in Canada, while my sister and brother-in-law are busy spitting out kids in Houston. Her being my younger sister, sheís saved me the hassle of having to produce grandkids! Other than that, itís just me and my dog, Muchacho.

    Have I ever served in the military? Does Royal Canadian Air Cadets as a teenager count?

    My current off-road vehicle. 2016 Rubicon Unlimited ďHard RockĒ. Iíve built it up in my tiny little apartment garage here in SF. This weekend Iím cutting the frame brackets off and upgrading to a Synergy long arm. The next weekend Iíll be slapping in the sport cage after witnessing what we witnessed in Moab two weeks ago!

    Is my rig a daily driver? Yes, but I hardly drive it unless itís a trip. I average maybe 4000 miles a year since moving to SF.

    How long have I been wheeling? I bought the rig in 2016 as my first entrance into wheeling. Prior to this Iíve just been a dirt bike punk in my younger years.

    What off-road rigs have I owned in the past? Nope. Ok actually not true. When I first moved to SF seven years ago I bought a 2012 JKUR with lots of grand plans, but sold the Jeep six months later with maybe 2500 miles on it and bone stock. I just never used it nor had time.

    What are some of my hobbies outside of off-roading? Tattoo collecting. Coffee drinking. Wrenching on the motorcycle. Camping. Plenty of traveling for work and play.

    What do I feel is my greatest accomplishment? Hmm tough question. The story is still being written! Maybe taking the leap to leave Canada away from all friends and family into a bit of an unknown probably ranks up there. Thus far itís turned out pretty good.

    Do I have a favorite vacation destination? Japan is fun. Iceland is magical. But honestly I am happiest in the middle of the mountains or forest in a remote cabin or tent with a fire and something to make my coffee and chill the hell out. That is ideal.

    How did I hear about Seven Offroad? Spinuck (Jason)

    How would I describe Seven Offroad? No egos. Safe. Trustworthy. Friends who like to have a good time together, and would unexpectedly help out any new schmuck like me when an axle shaft and carrier goes boom on day one in Moab.

    What is my Dream Build? I donít think I have one? Iíd totally get a kick out of building another one and Iíd probably do it entirely different just for something to try. I suppose the typical answer includes tons and DTD, 40ís, and an LS3. If I could do anything Iíd definitely give this thing a different motor as a starting point, thatís for darn sure.

    What are my wheeling goals? Iíd love to get good enough to spot others confidently and comfortably, earning the trust of others. I donít need the hardest lines or the biggest obstacles to have fun. Though I say that now...

    Do I have any scary moments while wheeling that I would like to share? Uhhh yes it was day one after my months long self-build completion Jason (Spinuck) and some others dragged me out to Pierce Loop out by Eagle Lakes. I think I had 500 miles on the odometer and we decided to drive through the river. I had zero experience with even putting it into 4-low let alone crossing an effing river! Water rushing into the cab, Jeep drifting down river and offline, my gas pedal foot vibrating with adrenaline, the guys screaming at me to stay off the gas to avoid water coming over the hood. I was thinking the whole time ďwelp I am literally about to watch my $60k get swept down a river...Ē Made it thru ok. Got high fives from the guys all pretty stoked when I told them how many miles I had on the rig.

    What is my favorite trail? So far Pritchett Canyon in Moab, but I have a strong need to get back to Moab Rim after making it 0.15 miles in and 72 vertical feet before my breakage.

    Speed Round!
    Basically "this or that" question and answer.

    Paper or plastic? Paper

    Manual or Automatic? Auto

    Four Door or Two Door? Four

    Dog or Cat? Dog. Is this even a real question?

    Call or Text? Text

    Android or IPhone? iPhone. Tried Android for three months and hated life.

    Beer or Wine? Beer

    Clean or Dirty? Clean inside, dirty outside, but it really depends on what we are talking about here...

    Rocks or Snow? Rocks. 30 years in cold Canadian winters make this an easy one.

    Hard Top or Soft Top? Hard

    Cable or Synthetic? Synthetic

    TV or Movies? Movies

    Salt or Pepper? Pepper

    Teach or Learn? Learn, and then teach what Iíve learned

    When you wipe Ė Fold or Bunch? Eww gross











    Powered by ADHD

    Current Rigs:
    2013 JK Build: The Mutt Build Thread
    2019 JHF Moonbuggy Build: Coming Soon!

    Past Rigs:
    2007 JHF Single Seat Buggy: Coming Soon! - Sold
    2018 JHF Buggy Build: Ballin' on a Budget - Burned Up in Camp Fire

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    Great to meet you Ryan and spend the week of Moab with you! It truly was a great trip and time spent with everyone. Iíve been the guy broken a couple of times and the Seven family always helps out. Hope to see you on the trail again soon

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    Great to meet you in Moab Ryan! Gimme a call next time you're in CO.

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    Didn't really get to spend time with you out in Moab Ryan, but hopefully I'll get to know you when I move out that way... I did enjoy taking pictures of your rig

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    Glad to have met you and, of course, Muchacho. Hope to get out again soon.

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    Great read Ryan! Had a great time in Moab and look forward to more time on the trails with ya!

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    citrus heights
    Nice wheeling with ya look forward to more adventures!!

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    In the backyard
    Ryan good to have you as part of our great group, we had so much fun in Moab! not too many can be out there broken and have such a great attitude! IMG_2539.jpg
    To see what this family is about click here!
    Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

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    Ryan, it was nice to meet you on the short snow run with Spinuck. Hope to see you on more runs.

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    May 2018 - Ryan - Ryan

    So much fun wheeling with you and yes the river was impressive. Right there with you about floating down the river! Here is me hesitating after scott

    "Do you even wheel bro? only if its with a Yeti "

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