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    January 2018 – jeep4dice - Ryan

    I remember chatting with you many times on Instagram before we actually met. I am so glad you ran into us that day on Pandas birthday. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your family. We have had many adventures already and I look forward to many more. I can't wait to take you up Where Eagles Dare this year in Moab

    I want to thank @jeep4dice for taking the time to participate in this survey.

    Where do I live? Citrus Heights, Ca

    What do I do for a living? Deliver bread

    A little about my family. I’ve been with my high school sweetheart Jessica going on 21 years now married for 11. I have 3 crazy boys Cameron 10, Easton 8, and Bentley 5. We have one dog Mattie. We love camping 4 wheeling and getting outdoors.

    Have I ever served in the military? No but I have tremendous respect for those that do!

    My current off-road vehicle. 2013 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited that has just finished going under the knife. Current build has a front 05 Ford super duty Dana 60, rear 03 Chevy 14 bolt, rockkrawler suspension, 14 inch coil overs outboarded on 40s. Very happy and proud of how this build turned out, built at home in my garage I couldn’t have done it without the help of my step dad Marc

    Is my rig a daily driver? Oh god no strictly a toy

    How long have I been wheeling? Have riden quads all my life started rock crawling when i was 16 and have been hooked ever sense!

    What off-road rigs have I owned in the past? Started with a 1984 dodge ram charger on a 4in lift and 33s, then a 2001 Jeep tj on 4.5in lift and 35s, and now my 2013 Jeep rubicon unlimited on tons and 40s

    What are some of my hobbies outside of off-roading? I love playing golf, fishing, camping and anything sports related with the boys!

    What do I feel is my greatest accomplishment? Definitely my kids, watching them grow and enjoy life has brought me a lot of joy and also somehow managing to keep my wife around in the process

    Do I have a favorite vacation destination? Maui for sure, love everything about Maui so peaceful

    How did I hear about Seven Offroad? Saw a bunch of bad ass Jeeps in the parking lot at BJs after Pandas birthday run at Prarie City OHV decided to look it up online when i got home

    How would I describe Seven Offroad? Definitely a family, guys and gals are so willing to lend a hand both on and off the trail it’s definitely a great community!

    What is my Dream Build? An ultra 4 car similar to Shannon Campbell but I’m pretty happy with what i got now!

    What are my wheeling goals? To keep pushing myself to try new things (ask Jason about where eagles dare 😂)

    Do I have any scary moments while wheeling that I would like to share? Haha weeeellllll there was this one time on 4th of July weekend at buck island lake on the rubicon trail while camping with the wife and kids. I started cooking the kids lunch when i slipped and fell and while bracing for the fall my hand slid right down the wings of a Coleman stove, 4 lacerated tendons, 2 nerves and blood everywhere we were able to track down the sheriffs who luckily had just come into buck island 10 min prior and were able to call out using a ham radio to get me a helicopter ride out. After puking in the helicopter for 25 straight min(worst part) 2 surgeries later i have regained some movement in my fingers but will never be normal again.

    What is my favorite trail? Fordyce creek or Barrett lake

    Speed Round!
    Basically "this or that" question and answer.

    Paper or plastic? Plastic

    Manual or Automatic? Automatic

    Four Door or Two Door? 4 door

    Dog or Cat? Both

    Call or Text? Text

    Android or IPhone? iPhone

    Beer or Wine? Beer

    Clean or Dirty? Clean

    Rocks or Snow? Rocks

    Hard Top or Soft Top? Hard Top

    Cable or Synthetic? Cable

    TV or Movies? Love Both

    Salt or Pepper? Salt

    Teach or Learn? Learn

    When you wipe – Fold or Bunch? Bunch
















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    Glad to have met you and your family Ryan. Hope everyone is doing well.

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    Great write up Ryan!! So glad we met! Happy that we're good friends! Love those boys and your great wife Jess

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    Great pictures and fun reading.
    Everything I say is fully substantiated by my own opinion.

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    You da man!!! I am lucky to call you my friend! Awesome read! ;)
    enjoying life... one day at a time...
    Build thread ---> HERE

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    Awesome! I figured for a 'folder' tho...

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    Great read, Ryan! Glad we met and have fun on the trail. Hope we get a bunch more wheeling in one of these days. Love how all your hard work turned out on your Jeep! Nothing like a big beautiful BLUE Jeep on the trail. Did your Ramcharger have a 440?

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    Great write up! Can't wait to see you on the trail.
    I refuse to tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    It’s been great getting to know you Ryan. I look forward to more trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueMax View Post
    Great read, Ryan! Glad we met and have fun on the trail. Hope we get a bunch more wheeling in one of these days. Love how all your hard work turned out on your Jeep! Nothing like a big beautiful BLUE Jeep on the trail. Did your Ramcharger have a 440?
    Hope to see you on the trails soon!! The ram charger had a 360 in it

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