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    Wow, you are awesome. Love it and glad we are friends. thanks for all you do.
    "But that's just me!" " and what do I know!"

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    Hahaha, great "interview". Hopefully one day I will meet you.

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    In the backyard
    Great read! I'm so glad to have you for a friend! thanks again for all you do here, hope to see you soon we sure do miss ya
    To see what this family is about click here!
    Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

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    Great interview Brandon!! Great to know you buddy!!! Thank you for all you do!! Can't wait to hit the trails again!
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    Oh my goodness, this was the best thing on the internet today. That made for a great read! Looking forward to meetin and wheelin with ya next year.

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    Branman great and funny funny read! Although the fold or bunch was funny (no thanks for the visual) parts of it turned my stomach and then people quoting you in their responses turned me blue again...hrgurrk....LOL! Seriously though so glad to have met you, blessed to have you both as framily. Looking forward to seeing you and Teresa again and meeting the boys some day!

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    Was nice meeting you in Moab last year and I enjoyed learning more about you.

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    Fun read Brandon! Thanks for sharing and hopefully we'll see you in Moab!

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    I about fell out of my chair at the end. "Outside the margins" is simply brilliant.

    So happy to call you a friend.

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    Lol, fun read Brandon!

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