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  1. And so it begins...

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    looking good 🤙🏼is that Baja YEllow too?
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    Looks great!! Love those axles!
  2. KMC Wheels - Jeep Bash 2016

    Overall a fun day in beautiful sunny Southern California. Got to see some awesome rigs of all flavors and talk to some great people! Didn't take too many photos but here are a few.

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  3. KMC Wheel Summer Jeep Bash

  4. Main Divide Rd (Socal) 6/4/2016

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    Not really wheeling but more exploring.

    It was a nice afternoon so Teresa and I decided to go explore the Main Divide Road which travels along the top of the hills to Saddle Peak. The route we took starts off Ortega Hwy and Ends at the Top of Saddleback Mountain. Many of the off shoots are closed at the bottom so you can no longer exit in Santiago Canyon or Trabuco canyon and you must exit 15 miles north of Lake Elsinore. There are no real obstacles on the trail just some hill
  5. Branmans Blog

    Blog Blog Blog - Epic!
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